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Sunday AM 10:30~

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2-850 kubara Omura-city, Nagasaki Prefecture

☎︎ 0957-53-5874

 In theological terms, we are an Independent Charismatic Church.

Church Vision

The stated vision of Shinsei no Sato is “That the City of Omura could again be the foremost Christian city in Japan, actively advancing the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth.” The methodology we feel the Lord has given us is “To know Christ and make Him known, changing Japan one person at a time.”

The background for this vision is that in the 16th Century Lord Sumitada Omura was the first Christian Daimyo (feudal chief) in all of Japan. When the Christian oppression started at the time of his son, the Christian population of Omura Fief was 80,000, which was certainly the major percentage of the total population. Returning Omura to that density of Christian faith is certainly impossible by human effort, which is why we are confident that this vision is from God. Only He can accomplish it, so all the glory is His!

Our Church Charter

We believe that Jesus Christ is a Son of God and the Bible is God’s word without error. We worship only God the Father, Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit, And we believe the Holy Spirit is working powerfully even today.

Our purpose is to tell the Gospel of Christ to everyone, working from our base in Omura. We think each member of the church should be an evangelist, and that an important way to accomplish this is to invite our neighbors (family, friends, or acquaintances) to church.

We believe the True Church is manifested in the healthy, loving fellowship of the members of the church. We, the members, observe and take Sunday worship and daily devotions seriously and use our talents for ministry.

We offer to God prayer, praise, thanksgiving, obedience, repentance, and holy lives.

Shinsei no Sato Christian Church

We are the family of God.

We enjoy eating and otherwise having fun together. Praying for you.

We want us to be like a real family.

You should come too. We are really looking forward to seeing you.